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Web Development

Offers website development for you creators, musicians, or whatever your job is, so you can share any projects you’ve worked on, discography, verified personal profiles, or any story during your career/business.

All in one Subscription


With a  fixed monthly rate. I replace unreliable freelancers and expensive agencies for one flat monthly fee.


Web Design

Custom websites and solutions for brands, agencies, artist and entrepreneurs with exciting ideas.

Start from $299

You're in Good Company.

About Me.

I’m a Indonesia designer based in Bandung and available for full-time roles (remote) and freelance projects both at home and abroad. I make custom websites and solutions for brands, agencies, artist and entrepreneurs with exciting ideas.

I pride myself on producing beautifully constructed websites that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing.

How I Work?

Act as your partner, not a consultant.

Kick off

Tell us about your product and the challenges you're trying to solve, and how I can help.


I will understand the product and business more as I collaborate with your team.


I give you a turnaround estimate based on a scoped problem and deliver on time.


Once you subscribe, you can add as many design requests to your queue as you want, and I will deliver them one by one.

Depending on the task size, you will receive your design within a few business days. Some tasks are more complex than others.

I use Jira for task management. Jira allows you to create your task and attach your assets if you need it. Prefer to explain your task without writing? Simply attach your Loom video link on task.

Simply request a review of your task, and we will work together to make sure it’s 100% right.

Yes, you can pause anytime. No contracts, no minimums, and no fees.

Running a business is hard; finding a freelancer or dealing with expensive design agencies are harder and more costly. With my monthly subscription, you can get a reliable design partner.

I don’t include Custom Logo, Motion, Video Editing, Workshops, or paid fonts.

Please reach out through our chat, or schedule a call.

What Do You Get?


Website Unlimited Pages
Website Maintenance
Website Speed Optimization
SEO Optimization
Hosting Unlimited & Domain
UI/UX design
Design for Ads/Print 
Placement Ads
Multiple Requests at a Time
Same Day Delivery Requests
Dedicated Project Manager
Strategy calls


Web Design

Website From 5 Pages
Website Maintenance 1yr
Website Speed Optimization 1yr
Hosting Unlimited & Domain 1yr
UI/UX design

Start from $299

Reach me out.

More than happy to discuss any project, any size, at any time. If you have a project or some ideas you would like to discuss with me, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

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